Debt Collector Harassment

Debt collectors frequently resort to abusive, deceptive and unfair methods.  While some collectors attempt to comply with the law, even they are prone to mistakes.  Others blatantly break the law as a matter of course.  Westbrook Law PLLC helps consumers victimized by unlawful debt collection practices, in the following circumstances and more:

  • Abusive, excessive, or harassing phone calls from debt collectors
  • Deceptive communications from debt collectors
  • Wrongful lawsuits by debt buyers and collectors
  • Attempts to collect more money than is legitimately owed
  • Adding unlawful fees, costs, and other charges to otherwise legitimate debts
  • Identity theft by debt buyers and collectors
  • Deceptive methods in mortgage foreclosure and default loan servicing
  • Communications by debt collectors at inconvenient times, to third parties or after they have been told to stop

All of the foregoing are common, and all are outlawed by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (“FDCPA”) and Michigan law.  In recent years we have also observed a trend of extraordinarily threatening, deceptive and abusive practices by buyers of payday loan debt, in which collectors may make unlawful threats of criminal procedure, arrest or worse.  Know your rights – contact us for a free consultation.